Hypnotherapy is the practice of hypnosis for therapeutic reasons—to achieve healthy living—through guided imagery and visualization. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis; hypnotherapy results in achievement of a deep level of relaxation producing an altered state of consciousness in which susceptibility to outside suggestions and affirmations is heightened. The subconscious mind is accessible, facilitating acceptance of desired outcomes/changes. 



WHY Hypnotherapy? 

  • reduces stress and creates wellness 
  • increases motivation and creativity 
  • eases childbirth 
  • addresses addictions (e.g.smoking cessation) and weight management 
  • health restoration and maintenance 
  • pain management 
  • pre/post surgical relaxation, as well as oncology treatment preparation 

The hypnotized individual is always in control of the level and depth of relaxation and the senses are hyper-alert to the surrounding environment. The individual is guided into a serene state for the purpose of creating a change in health/wellness or behavior. 

“Hypnotic state can act as a catalyst toward rapid healing, enhanced creativity and countless other changes.” — Julie Griffin, DCH, Hypnotherapy Training Institute 

InsideOut Hypnotherapy Services

Hypnotherapy 60-90 minutes of interactive discussion and deep relaxation to address desired outcomes. 

Relaxation - Stress reduction, meditation, nutritional and lifestyle sessions. 

Pre/post surgical - Treatment sessions to improve outcome. 

All sessions are 1:1 and are by appointment only.
To schedule a hypnotherapy session, please call 978.270.2005